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Programming for children (age 8-99)

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Every day we use software - on our computers, on our phones, on our tablets. But we don't have any idea how to get started making software ourselves.

We play games, we chat, we use amazing graphical tools, and we imagine how amazing it would be if we could build something like that ourselves.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to take an idea, be it small or big, and make it real - see it come to life before your very eyes - feel the excitement of making something real.


Software is magical. Software allows you to take a though, an idea, a vision, and make it real. There are no limits. You do not have to buy materials or parts. You can literally turn a thought into something tangible; something you can see, feel, and interact with.

The only cost is your time and your brainpower. If you need something that you don't have or doesn't already exist, you can simply create it out of thin air.


Once you have created something, you can share it. You can experience the surprise, joy, and amazement of your friends and family when they get to see and interact with the think you created.

Something else, also: There are millions of programmers around the world who are very happy to share their knowledge and skills with you! So not only can you create whatever you can think of, you can also draw on the work of others to help you with your creation.


As you learn to program, you of course learn the actual skills and techniques you need. But you also grow as a person. You develop your skills in thinking and problem solving. You learn about colors and graphics, geometry and math, logical and structural thinking. And you learn "debugging"; a skill you will be able to use everywhere in life.

Basically, you develop your mind, and you grow as a person. And along the way, you experience joy and frustration, accomplishment, and mastery.


George is a program that helps children learn to program and to think. It is used in homes and in schools. And it is free.

Actually, you can go download it right now, and see how it works.

But George is only a tool, and so you will need some help to learn how to use it. And so there is also a book.


The book is a step-by-step guide and teacher. It will show you how to use George - starting with writing and running your very first command, and then gradually show you how to build very advance programs.

Continually upgraded

The book is a continuous work, just like George. I will continue to add more content, improve existing content, and make sure that book is always up-to-date so that it matches changes and improvements made in George.

Once you have the book, you will receive updates for life.

First chapter for free

I would very much like you to get started immediately, and so I am giving away the first chapter for free. To get the first chapter of the book, all you need to do is sign up for the mailing list. You will get access to the download page when you confirm your address.

The whole book

The book is a downloadable PDF. At present it consists 3 chapters, the first of which is the same you get for free here. The book is currently priced at 20 USD.

But as the book grows, so will the price. However, whatever price you pay for the book now, is all that you will ever pay, no matter future prices. Yet, you will get all future versions of the book.

So by purchasing the book now, you are not only helping to ensure the financing of the book and of George, but also securing the book for yourself at a lowest possible price.

Yes! Let me purchase the book NOW

All proceeds to water

In stead of giving me 20 USD, I would prefer if you would give that amount to water, and you then get the book for free.

Yes. I want that too. Tell me more.

Thank you for supporting George - both the project and the book - by purchasing the book.


Terje Dahl

This page last updated: 2018-03-20