Designers. Developers. Testers. Educators. Evangelists.

George is an open source initiative. All forms of contribution are most welcome.

Educators, teachers, instructors, parents

We are looking to build a community driven content collection:

Would you like to contribute materials? Or perhaps you have ideas about organizing such a community - socially and technically?
Please contact Terje Dahl directly. (See bottom of page.)

Designers - UX & graphical

In this day and age software is expected to not only "work", but it should have a low barrier to entry (easy to get started), it should behave "intuitively" and help and protect the user, and it should look appealing.

Do you have ideas you would like to share? Functionality, layout, look-and-feel? Describable in text, wire-frames, or graphics?

And do you have suggestions on how to share and collaborate on this?
Please contact Terje Dahl directly. (See bottom of page.)

Developers and testers

Find the source code for George on Bitbucket.
There you will also find information on how to pull, build, and contribute.
If you have perhaps never contributed to an open source project, then this could be a good project for you. We try to maintain a friendly and helpful environment for "newbies".

Shared resources

We maintain a discussion group for everything related to development - including pedagogy and design: George Development .

If you are in or close to Gothenburg (Sweden), the also join our meetup: George Meetup Gothenburg .

Only rarely does some exceptional event lead people to reorganize their intellectual self-image in such a way as to open up new perspectives on what is learnable.
   - Seymour Papert

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