George for Windows
version: 2019.1
build:   2019-03-23T20:25:24Z
file:    George-2019.1.msi
size:    92610560 bytes
MSI (Microsoft Installer):
- Install per-user (without admin privileges).
- Install per-machine with admin privileges.
- "Silent" install with 'msiexec' for sys-admins.
George for MacOS
version: 2019.1
build:   2019-03-23T20:30:57Z
file:    George-2019.1.pkg
size:    91653940 bytes
PKG installer:
- Install per-user (without admin privileges).
- Install per-machine with admin privileges.

George is open source - free to use and own, and alter as you please.
You may distribute copies of the original freely.
You may also distribute your alterations as long as you publish your changes in accordance with Eclipse Public Licence 1.0.


George-TEST is for anyone who wants to help test new features and new versions before they are deployed to George"(production). Don't rely on George-TEST for regular use, as it may change unexpectedly and sometimes even break.

George-TEST installs and runs as a completely separate application from George. You may therefore have both George and George-TEST installed on the same computer. They will not share any state or datafiles, and can be installed, upgraded, used, and uninstalled independently.

George-TEST for Windows
version: 2019.0.1-RC1
build:   2019-02-01T14:51:14Z
file:    George-TEST-2019.0.1-RC1.msi
size:    92012544 bytes
George-TEST for MacOS
version: 2019.0.1-RC1
build:   2019-02-01T14:54:42Z
file:    George-TEST-2019.0.1-RC1.pkg
size:    91064102 bytes

Source code

You may simply be curious and want to look at parts of the code, or want experiment with altering aspects of the program. Or perhaps you would like to contribute to the main project.
No matter: Click on through; try downloading and running it locally; try making some alterations; then see documentation on how to contribute.

George on Bitbucket - Hosted on Bitbucket.
- Requires Mercurial and Java installed to build and run. (See documentation)

Legacy versions

As of 2019 the following downloads are deprecated.


George for Windows - legacy Standard installer dialog which installs George in the user's home directory.
- Good for single users.
- Does not require admin rights.


George for MacOS - legacy Disk-image with install-script and "app".
- Script installs system-wide or for single user.
- System-wide install may require admin-rights.

This page last updated: 2019-02-02