George is free to use and own.
You may distribute copies of it freely. You may change the source-code, as long as you publish your changes in accordance with the Eclipse Public Licence 1.0.


George for Windows - exe Standard installer dialog which installs George in the user's home directory.
- Good for single users.
- Does not require admin rights.
George for Windows - msi Microsoft Installer which installs George system-wide.
- Makes George available for all users of computer.
- Will require admin privileges.
- Good for doing (scripted) "silent" install by sys-admins.


George for MacOS - dmg Disk-image with install-script and "app".
- Script installs system-wide or for single user.
- System-wide install may require admin-rights.


George for Java - jar Requires Java version 1.8.0_40 or later.
Security issue on Mac: You will not be able to run the Jar directly from the browser's download on Mac. To run, locate the downloaded file in Finder, then right-click and choose "Open".
Source on Bitbucket You can download the source and build it yourself. You may also alter it as you wish. (See licence.)
If you would like to find out more about contributing, go to "Contribute".

This page last updated: 2017-05-24