George Projects

George Projects is a set of step-by-step instructions for building small applications.

The instructions are text-less; they use graphical illustrations to explain concepts and a clear "unified diff" for code modifications at each step. This allows children to follow the instructions without having to read and understand English.


The projects are based on several years personal experience with teaching children programming in schools and on weekend courses. Goals for the projects are:

Turtle Geometry

The underlying pedagogical programming concept, "turtle geometry", was originally developed by Professor Seymour Papert et al at MIT - and has been extensively researched and applied in a variety of implementations over the years.

The implementation used in George is based on a modern-day real-world programming language - thereby making possible continuous growth; from basic turtle commands, all the way to professional programming.

And while the children are seemingly "just" learning programming, what they are really learning is much more profound:

And along the way, they will also pick up a few words of English, some math, and a spacial and geometric "feel".

How it works

Download and install George. It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (Ubuntu).

Launch George and look for the start button for George Projects. There you will find a list of projects, the first of which is unlocked. Click through and follow the visual instructions step by step.

Go ahead and try it right now.

The projects are ordered in a progression. We highly recommend that you work your way through all the projects and in the order they are listed; each project assume that you have worked through and understood the concepts in preceding projects.

The first project is free

So that you can get started immediately, and feel pleasure in completing a project, you will get the first project for free. We do not require anything in return.

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Get access to all the projects

To get access to the all the projects, you will need to purchase a license key.

The license key can be used by 5 users. It is a "family" license, it never expires, and it currently costs $19.
(If you find that 5 is not enough, please contact us, and we can increase your limit.)

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George Projects for schools

There is also a "school" license. It can be used for an unlimited number of users/machines at your school, it expires after 12 months, and it currently costs $29.
(You will of course receive a receipt, so you can have your costs refunded by the school.)

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clj: The programming language is Clojure, and is integrated in the systems of, amongst others, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Deutsche Bank, and NASA.

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