For the children

A story

A girl, age 13, walks 6 to 8 hours a day to fetch water for her family. One day, as she is entering her village, after having walked all day, she slips and falls. The family's water jug, full of water, falls to the ground and breaks.

How do you think this story ends? *


Imagine if this was us ...

Turns out, a lot of people still don't have access to clean water - or even enough water. And by "a lot" I mean millions. Actually, a billion. It is estimated that today, in 2017, as many as one billion people don't have access to sufficient and clean water!

That means that, while we worry about which Lego set or mobile phone to buy for our kids, they worry about simply getting enough water for their kids. An then they hope that the water they give their kids won't make them ill; deathly ill.


This is what we want to do!

So, these next three months we are going to collect enough money to develop a whole water project. Enough to provide an entire village with clean water. Maybe a well. Maybe a filtering system.

As quickly as possible we will put together at least 12.000 USD. A few weeks should be sufficient. That money will go 100% towards a specific project. As the project is executed, we will get access to exact information, including financial accounting, descriptions, reports, photos, and even GPS coordinates.

A project is usually completed in about 18 months. Therefore, let's hurry, so our project may be completed in August 2019.

Books for water

Book cover To sweeten the deal (as if saving lives isn't rewarding enough), I will give you "George - The Book" for free.

Whatever amount you decide to contribute to our project, I will give you the equivalent in discount codes(s) towards the book. In other words, you give 20 USD, and you get the book for free. Just e-mail me your receipt from charity: water.
(And, yes, I will happily divide the amount into multiple codes for you.)

The book is good for anyone who wants to learn or teach basic programming - parents, teachers. No previous knowledge required.
You get all future versions of the book for free.

Gifting the book is no problem either. Simply send the code as a gift to whoever you want.

Learn more about the book here.

About charity: water

Listen to or view or read one or both of these interviews with the founder:


100% of what you give to a project goes to that project. The actual administration and running of the charity (aka "overhead") is on a separate and totally isolated budget. If you want to give money towards the overhead, then you have to do so explicitly. All accounting on both sides is completely transparent and open:

See charity: water's financials


Good. Now go! Help save lives!

Yes! Let me contribute NOW ...

Thank you.

Terje Dahl

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